A hometown company with Lowcountry roots, Coast Car Wash is the only area car wash that recycles 100% of its wash water and roof rainwater runoff through its state-of-the-art water recycling system, saving our local water system millions of gallons per year. Powered by renewable solar energy, Coast’s leading-edge cleaning equipment provides the highest quality wash for vehicles of all kinds – from compact cars to Sprinter and Transit vans. With the convenience of discounts and a loyalty rewards by app, Coast Car Wash’s is to provide customers the highest level of service, ease, and efficiency – so they can return to their lives with the sense of accomplishment and pride that comes from a clean, well-cared for vehicle.

Living in a “coastal environment” we take our car washing responsibilities seriously. We keep run off out of the local storm water system and thereby out of our pristine marshes, rivers and ultimately the ocean. We care about the long-term sustainability of everyone’s outdoor water based activities.

  1. Innovation, ease, and convenience: We use cutting-edge technology to provide the fastest, highest quality cleaning process possible, as well as the ease and convenience of discounts and loyalty rewards via our app.
  2. Sustainably focused: As the only area car wash that recycles 100% of its water and utilizes solar power, we’re focused on building the kind of business, relationships, and community that are mindful of our natural resources and beloved waters and landscapes.

Accessible to all vehicles – from compact cars to oversized trucks and vans up to 10 feet high.

There’s an app for that – our user-friendly app allows you to manage your Always Clean monthly wash program on the fly. Sign up by snapping a picture of your license plate, and add family and fleets members, earn loyalty rewards, and enjoy discounts – all from your smartphone.

There’s a moment after your vehicle’s been washed, and the sun shines on that clean hood, and you feel a sense of pride and accomplishment – that this little corner of your life is organized, well-cared for, and looking good. That’s the feeling we’re after.

At Coast Car Wash, our state-of-the-art cleaning process speeds you through the fastest, highest quality wash you’ll ever experience. It’s why we offer you the convenience of discounts and loyalty rewards via our smartphone app. And it’s why we utilize solar power and recycle 100% of the water we use. Because a car wash is about more than cleaning your vehicle, it’s a chance to make you feel special, to give you the most value for your money, to protect your environment, and to get you on your way quickly, the right away, every time.

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Coast Car Wash of Ladson, SC
3647 Ladson Rd.
Ladson, SC 29456
Telephone: 413-376-4175

Monday - Saturday: 7AM - 7PM
Sunday: 9AM - 5PM

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When you become an "Unlimited" Car Wash  Club,Member, you can wash your car every day for as little as $19.95 a month...really!

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